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PIP3 - solution is the result of development work made in Porvoo, Finland. PIP3 is a new district heating

service product that uses the return pipe of district heating in order to gather, distribute and utilize excess heat.

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In the PIP3 method, three district heating pipes, one supply and two return pipes are brought into the properties.

This enables efficient utilization of the thermal energy on the return side.

Benefits of the PIP3 method for the district heating business:

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Combined with the thermal control system, the PIP3 method offers end customers both energy savings and real-time monitoring. This opens up the possibility for energy companies to control the heating of the end customer and to control the district heating network more flexibly according to demand.

  • District heating as a service to end customers.


  • Both the supply and return sides of district heating act as a heat source for end customers.


  • Utilization of return heat drops the temperature in the district heating network. Most energy companies are aiming for this to improve power plant efficiency and reduce overall combustion.

  • Both high and low temperature waste heat sources can be utilized efficiently.

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The PIP3 method also makes it possible to connect waste heat targets to the return pipe.

In this case, it is not necessary to heat the waste heat to the high temperatures of the supply pipe, which substantially reduces the electricity consumption of the heat pumps.

When the return pipe is used as a waste heat supply and distribution channel, all the recycled heat energy directly reduces the combustion needs of the thermal power plant.

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This opens up new opportunities for the modern district heating business in the circular economy era.

  • PIP3 -solution enables two-way and competitive district heating distribution.


  • PIP3 is a complete, simple and tested product with business models built around it.

  • Business Finland 's energy support has been granted to PIP3 projects.

“We want to modernize the district heating business by combining all kinds of energy sources

to be more efficient and to create a modern circulating heating platform”.

Johnny Holmström, CEO IOTOI Oy

040 489 9811

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